Knead this dough for about 10 minutes until it’s very elastic and really smooth and soft. Awesome Stella! Form it into a smooth loaf. This is the semolina bread dough immediately after I mixed it. Like most recipes, our Chewy Semolina Rye Bread is a combination of rye and wheat flours: in this case, pumpernickel, bread flour, and semolina, a coarse flour milled from high-protein durum wheat. It's made with regular wheat flour and durum flour (semolina). It simply did not bake. It has a … Moreover, the bread has a great texture, flavor, and taste and … This is one of them, for sure. Some brands of bread flour can cost a dollar or more than all-purpose flour, so if you think you can get by without it, you may just want to skip it and save some money. The first time I used it, it reminded me of a bread my mother used to buy from a local bakery when I was a kid, and that I hadn't tasted since. Easy, awesome bread – a huge hit under our roof for sure. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe It’s made with mostly semolina flour instead of standard bread flour. I don't live in the US and I use the metric system everyday. No, it doesn't, but I like to score it about a third so it opens up more. your dough may be too dense as well. It’s pretty dense and chewy which I really liked. Thank you for being here, I appreciate it! I made this tonight and it turned out amazing and everybody else in the house thought so too. Add to yeast mixture in 3 additions; beat until incorporated. This was my first time making bread! Stir the sponge to deflate and add the flour, semolina, salt, and oil. Loved this recipe, I posted it on my blog too! Semolina is a coarse flour made from durum wheat, a hard type of wheat. I threw a bit of water into the oven just before putting the bread into the oven. This bread may be made entirely from semolina or with a mixture of semolina and another flour; in either case, it has a rich flavor and a distinctively chewy texture. so I've made this bread for the 2nd time with new yeast and results were a little better but still pretty flat….good flavor but cannot get the bread to look as high : (. It made my day. Sometimes I slash it more superficially than others, it depends a lot on how sharp the blade is and the type of knife or cutter you use. I’ve recently become obsessed with semolina flour and have been searching for any excuse to use it. I'm going to try the recipe again with fresh bread flour and semolina flour. Hope this helps. Perfect ever single time!! Believe me. It should be pretty firm at this point. It shouldn’t double in size, but it should puff a bit. Thanks! Not long after trying it in pasta, I started making breads and rolls with semolina flour and was surprised and delighted with the light texture and great flavor that it gives the bread. Your email address will not be published. Would love to know maybe what's wrong with my proofing… why is it not rising all the way?!? I went for a kind of rustic loaf shape. The flour is traditionally used in Italy to make pasta, but it was in Sardinia that semolina bread emerged. Slide your loaf into the oven and turn the temperature down to 375. Weather finally was conducive to baking again and I baked the bread using my sourdough starter. Thank you!! This is a fantastic recipe because it's very easy to knead by hand. So I am trying this bread tomorrow I wil either praise or curse you…hahaha. You would want to start by mixing the starter with water to make a slurry of sorts and then start adding flour and other stuff, but the flour amounts might change based on how wet your starter is. Delicious nutty semolina sourdough bread made with golden semolina and both black and white sesame seeds.Goes well as toast with butter or jam Semolina is one of the most common ingredients you can find in Indian kitchen. Sure em! I use “Cambro Round Food Storage Containers” (which are great BTW) for my bread rising and had the lid on tight which prevented the bread from rising. AND for this amazing delicious recipe. it will be helpful if it would be fixed. Fortunately, semolina flour is pretty easy to find these days. Semolina flour is popularly used to make homemade pasta. Huh. Take the dough out of the bowl, punch it down, knead it for another minute or so, then return it to the bowl and drizzle it with more olive oil. When adding water to yeast I always use between 113 & 118 degrees water temperature. Awesome! Are you putting dough in cold container? so adding a couple of extra tablespoons of flour is OK if you feel it needs it. 6) Punch the dough down, knead for another minute, and return to bowl to rise until it doubles, probably another 45 minutes. An Elite Cafe Media Food Publisher Depending on your temperature and environment this might take a while. First time bread-maker here. Nick, you need to see my semolina bread just out of the wood fired oven I baked here down in Brazil using your recipe. The bread is great! I always add a pinch more yeast if you want to add some height to your breads. Really appreciate you leaving this message. Interesting Rob! Superb! Similar to very fine sand. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. Was a fun baking experiment both rounds. You could shape this loaf into almost any shape you wanted at this point, or even bake it in a loaf pan. Bake the loaf for 40-45 minutes until it’s golden brown and is hollow when you thump it. Hold a razor blade or sharp kitchen knife at about a 30º to 45° angle to the loaf, and slash 3 lines. When ground into a flour, durum wheat is known as semolina and used all over the world in bread, pasta, and porridge. Have a great week! Others include Sunflower Oatmeal Dinner Rolls and the Orange Cinnamon Rolls (who can argue with sweet rolls, right?). Semolina bread with sesame seeds is commonly found in Sicily. I loved his “well” method where he made it right on the floured table. I think I’ve found my grandfather’s semolina recipe! You’re looking for kind of a yeast slurry. Where are you having trouble? A. Hi Avi. Mexican Wedding Cookies (a.k.a. It warms it slightly and helps out with the rising. Additionally, I did not realize that there is such a big weight difference between WP and Semolina flour. I didn’t have bread flour so I substituted it with all purpose, it came out great! Hi, I convert a cup of water to 240g. In large bowl, combine 1/4 cup warm water, yeast, and 1 teaspoon sugar; stir to dissolve. I used a very sharp paring knife, but the cuts did not come out very clean (I will try a razor blade next time). Kind of tuck the edges in so you have a nice smooth loaf. Hi Nick, So now the oven: is the temperature accurate or might there be a problem with the thermostat? Directions simple and complete. I too was having issues with the bread not rising well and I have discovered the cause. I wanted to share that I made one loaf a bit differently. Because too much rising time and the bread starts to deflate. Okay this is shoulder-damaged pizza cruist girl. So the compromise was to find a bread that had semolina and also bread flour. My recent post A Bitter Spritzer. So use the water mentioned in the recipe as the guide and adjust it according to your needs. ★☆ Measurements in grams made things panic-free. I am definitely going to go for it and had planned to skip the yeast as you suggested trusting my great and very happy starter. Is that correct? One of the best bread recipes I ever made. And though I know it's not everybody's thing, there are some bread recipes that are worth the time and dedication. Copyright © 2020 Vintage Kitchen Notes, I have to admit that semolina bread is one of my favorites ever. It makes the best croutons and the best bruschetta. Sincerely appreciate your marvelous site, amazing recipes and your helpful inputs. this is so great, thanks for the wonderful recipe, This is awesome bread. I doubled the recipe because I anticipated fantastic results and knew I’d want more. OMG! Semolina has a gritty feel when it’s dry, but when … I checked this recipe again and the conversions are fine. You probably already know that I love to make and bake the bread myself. I’m a “yeast disaster” but this recipe worked for me! I love the braiding you did on that! Set the bread machine to a 2 lb size and white light, white medium, white dark, whole wheat or french settings. Oh, and you would probably want to leave out most, if not all, of the yeast obviously since your starter is essentially wild yeast. Instead of sesame seeds, this time, I sprinkled more of the cinnamon and sugar mix on top. The key to working with semolina is to let it relax and absorb some of the water before working with it. Try it with a mix of olive oil & balsamic vinegar for a dip it’ out of this world. Combine flour, 3 3/4 cups semolina and salt in large bowl. Make a well in the flour mix and, using your fingers, gradually incorporate the water until you have a rough, sticky dough. Let stand 5 minutes, or until foamy. Then it should be a lot easier to work with. Stir in the flour, mix lightly and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. ★☆ Mmmm. Glad you liked the bread and that the tips were helpful. Thanks for your reply Paula, I loved the clour, texture and taste don't want to mess up this wonderful loaf of bread recipe and thanks Have a great week as well. Or B) your environment/climate isn't great (too cold/dry/etc.) Turn this out onto a lightly floured surface. Its all over New York City. First had Semolina bread at a B&B in Brooklyn NY with it ever so lightly toasted and some Jarlsberg on it. How to prepare the bread. I sprinkled cinnamon, sugar, and a dash of nutmeg before folding it over as you do when prepping the loaf. I'm Paula, a baker for more than 30 years and your designated recipe finder, sharing the best ones on this blog, with simple ingredients + easy-to-follow instructions. Allow it to rise until doubled in volume, about 1 hour. How to substitute semolina in a bread recipe. I served with some hommeade chickpea spread (minus tahinni, so not really hummus) with a grilled lamb chop birthday feast. About 20 minutes before baking, turn the oven to 400ºF / 200ºC. I Decided to bake this bread to go with veal and peppers and came out delicious could have added more salt but we are dipping it in sauce so perfect, Is it possible to substitute the cornmeal ? ... No Knead Italian Semolina Bread KitchenAid. Next, add a cup of bread flour to the dough and stir it until it forms a rough ball. Semolina is the flour used to make pasta. Appreciate your response and suggestions. The quantities in grams are off., The texture on this loaf is like no other I’ve had. 1/2 package active dry yeast (1 1/4 Teaspoons), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Print Recipe (Opens in new window). Happy to hear it came out well! flavor was great so hopefully it was a yeast problem since I baked it on a humid day! The crust is crackly and the texture creamy and just plain amazing! Hi ,I made bread was ok but I think it was missing something , it should be great help mike, Hi ,I made bread was ok but I think it was missing something , it should be great help me geat it right, I made this today! Thanks Nick, Hmmm… tough to say Stella. It’s just to make sure the dough doesn’t stick. Correct? I suppose you might be able to survive without bread, but you sure can’t live without it. Did you have a good dough after kneading it? Semolina flour is something that I have never worked with before for baking. Currently going through the steps to make this semolina bread, I only had bread flour on hand so I substituted it for the all purpose. It’s healthier than any other bread you can buy at the bakery or at the supermarket. Could you help me troubleshoot what could have gone wrong? Seriously, you need nothing else to have a good snack. If necessary, add 1/2 teaspoon ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to help the yeast feed. Never heard of that problem, but I guess it makes sense. Push start and come back in 3 1/3 to 4 hours. Then add your salt and semolina flour to the mix. Can you make two loaves….one to bake once rising is finished and one to put in the refrig. Would I have to modify the recipes ingredients in anyway if do-able? As a flour, semolina is used to make a number of food items. 7) Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface, punch it down, and roll it into a rectangle about 18 inches high and 12 inches wide. It just didn't work. Hi Domenick, so sorry about your result. Thank you for posting this recipe. In a separate bowl, mix, whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, semolina, and salt. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees and sprinkle a baking sheet with a good amount of cornmeal. Roll this out onto a lightly floured surface. Then fold over one side of the rectangle until it’s 2/3s of the way in. You can also add add some diastolic malt powder to help with the rise. If you took the time to make this bread let me tell you it's one of the best. Semolina is a very fine-textured flour (image below, right) made from durum wheat (which is used, mainly, to make dried pasta). I found my dough very loose. Learn how your comment data is processed. This semolina … I have a great sourdough starter I have been incorporating into a number of recipes. This month in the bread baking blog, we’ve been focusing on artisan breads. Couple of months ago, there was a semolina bread that was suggested for one of the baking groups I am in, but I never got around to baking it. The only trick is that you substitute a good amount of bread flour for semolina flour which makes the dough a bit harder to work with. It makes out of this world toast and I imagine, although I haven’t tried it yet, french toast. But maybe they had some issues, like mold that is not easy to spot or something that weighed down the whole bread. I wanted to bake an all-semolina bread, but it didn't turn out well. I was wondering… It turned out to be a very pretty loaf in my opinion! Let sit for 5 minutes and stir again to ensure yeast is well dissolved. ... Too much bread flour and the dough was dense and hard to chew. Let rise for 30 minutes. Thanks! same problem with rising….looks half as tall as the picture! The flour has low protein, creating soft cakes. to finish rising and bake tomorrow? I'm used to it. SO happy to hear that Marion! Thanks for the recipe. I do the measuring and weighing myself and check them regularly to confirm that I'm not writing something erroneous. Semolina is a coarse flour made of durum wheat. Turn out unto floured surface; knead until smooth and elastic, about 6 … This did not work for me. Seeded Semolina Spelt Tartine. Semolina Flour Uses. The cause was the container too tightly sealed! A cup of my WP flour was 143 gr, and Semolina was 175gr. Bread flour has high protein content, which is good for yeast bread breaking. So the compromise was to find a bread that had semolina and also bread flour. It was not the freshness of the yeast or environment. Minor adjustments you suggested above on first round, then on second I just used your original recipe we love so much and simply incorporated 3/4 cup of starter. I just got a ton of flour including 25lbs of Semolina from a friend that works in the wheat industry. Thanks SO much for this comment Brian! I have been wanting to get back into making my own bread for a long time, and this is exactly what the doctor ordered. :) Oh awesome! I used 3 C. Bobs Red Mill semolina flour and 3 1/4 C. bread flour and it came out great I even got an oven spring in 8×5 bread pan at 375 degrees for 30 minutes without convection and 5 minutes at 400 degrees with convection on. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Semolina is a flour made from a very hard wheat grain called durum. Bread without Flour Recipes 23,913 Recipes. However, if this flour is not available, you can still make your favorite pasta at home by using some great semolina flour substitutes, those of which have been discussed here. Great I will try it for this Shabbat and see if the family loves it! Semolina flour is made from a different strain of wheat than all purpose or bread flour. I love Semolina bread so I'll have to give it a whirl! Necesitamos adaptar una residencia con una silla salvaescaleras y estamos un poco apabullados por la desinformacion que hay en la red, solo hemos encontrado una web que nos ha agradado, pero no venden los salvaescaleras la página web es, Necesitamos adaptar una vivienda con una silla salvaescaleras y estamos un poco abrumados por la desinformacion que hay en la red, solo hemos encontrado una web que nos ha agradado, pero ellos no venden los salvaescaleras la web es I’d love to hear what you think about it. I use to bake different types of bread: with or without seeds, with normal flour or semolina. Other recipes you might like:Tomato Ricotta Bacon BruschettaRoasted Tomato BreadBeer Bread RollsWhole Wheat Mountain BreadMozzarella Pesto Naan BreadEaster BraidChorizo Sandwich with Chimichurri. Any other tips for my next effort? Have a good day! I have tried mix flour bread recipe earlier where I have used all-purpose, wheat and semolina together. It is a substantial bread, with a very hearty and deep flavor with a nice crust. I think you definitely could, but you would probably have to wing it a bit on the recipe. Thanks for the recipe! The strange thing is of the many breads I make this is the only time that this has happened to me, so I am not surprised you have not heard of this. Theoretically you should be able to do it though and the finished loaf would probably have great flavor! Perhaps add a little honey or sugar for the yeast to feed on would help the rise. Earlier I have tried bread with Semolina too. Best of all: this bread is delicious! I substituted some poppy seeds because I didn’t have any seasame seeds. # 1 @for 3 hours then #2 @ for 45 minutes #[email protected] minutes. Normally when I see problems with rising it's either because A) it's old or bad yeast. Place the bread sticks back in the baking pan, this time turn them on their sides (see photo). Hot water kills some of the yeast's power to act as it should. I always add a bit more yeast than called for. Cheers. A gorgeous golden loaf of Italian-style bread. I found it, and it's perfect. But if you want to use it make very sure it doesn't drip into the slits or cuts because as it bakes it will create a sort of a shield and prevent some parts of the bread from fully rising. Amazing! Thanks Paula yes it did, definitely will give it a go with 240g water as my water amount was larger. So, let the dough rest for about 5-10 minutes before trying to knead it. 3) Add one cup of bread flour and mix to form a rough ball of dough. Help! The info in Google is not always accurate. Fold left 1/3 in and then right 1/3 over the top to form a cylinder. Mix the flour, 400 grams of semolina and the salt together in a large shallow bowl. Shape the dough into an oval, folding as you would a cinnamon roll, pinching after each fold, and place tucked side down on the prepared pan and cover with oiled plastic wrap. I respect your opinion but disagree. Replace the semolina flour called for in the recipe with an equal amount of all-purpose flour, bread flour, or whole-wheat flour. Greasing your work … Then whisk together your egg with a bit of water and brush the entire loaf with the egg wash mixture. About the cuts, I sometimes get the same result with the slashes not being deep or easy, but the bread rises anyway. You can bake it all a few degrees less if you want, at 350°F/180°C. Sure. It took my dough about 3 hours to get to the right size. Make a well in … Which kind of bread are you looking for? Just came out of the oven and looks great. It did rise, not sure that it fully doubled, but it did not deflate. Thanks. Add this to a large bowl and coat it well with olive oil. Press with the palms of your hands to deflate. It's like everything I want in a. :). can I use instant yeast? So much for Google, and you are absolutely correct! As a final touch, use a sharp serrated knife to slice some narrow diagonal slits in the loaf. 116 Comments. 7 Genius Substitutes for Semolina Flour You are Yet to Try. I think the issue is most likely my flours. Nothing like going to the corner bakery and getting a fresh loaf, mmmmm, OMG finally a walk u thru it website I feel like I know you! Hi Lizzy! It remained the same color as the raw dough I put in the oven. Semolina flour is unique due to all that I explained above. Do not be afraid of the yeast…its a nothing..the more you think of it …the more it boggles your mind just throw it into the mix…I do not even proof it anymore…as long as it has not been laying around on the counter for a long time…buy it in the jars and keep it in the frig…you will be fine…, Thanks for the recipe! If you’re getting sick of your normal loaf, give this a shot. Have a great week! Semolina flour has more flavor and protein than white flour, but it can be used interchangeably with other wheat flours. If the dough gets sticky at any point, sprinkle with more flour. It's made with mostly semolina flour instead of standard bread flour. An Elite Cafe Media Food Publisher | Little did you know that that bread is most likely semolina bread. It's the main component in the grain dish couscous as well. Bake the loaf for about 35, until well risen, golden brown and the bottom sounds hollow when tapped. Snowballs). And I love cooking with semolina, so thank you for this. Semolina bread is usually made of mostly semolina flour with a little bit of all purpose, or bread flour. If you're feeling any side effects after consuming a food made with semolina, you should talk to your doctor to rule out an allergy or sensitivity. If it’s really dry, add a bit more water and if it’s really sticky then sprinkle on some more flour. I find the ideal ratio to be exactly half and half, for the best ... without the long wait. Pastry flour falls in between all-purpose and cake flour and is used in muffins, pies and pastries. do I have to change anything?? ★☆ 8) Sprinkle a baking sheet with a good layer of corn meal. I can imagine doing this again and trying all kinds of "stuffings" from fresh jams, to nuts or dried fruit, and even herbs….if you try this idea out, let me know what you think! Tag @vintagekitchenblog on Instagram and hashtag it #vintagekitchenblog, adapted from How To Bake by Nick Malgieri. How to substitute semolina in a bread recipe. Bread was still tasty but hoping for a better oven spring with a better shaped loaf. Today, we made Italian Semolina Bread using the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes method. Alternatively, turn the shaggy dough out onto a lightly floured work surface and knead by hand for about 6-7 minutes. I made this Saturday…. Tips and tricks were actually useful and anticipated all my questions. The results were great, but I still wanted to remove all-purpose flour and take the bread a step closer to health. Or, just forget the entire idea? Yes, we make breakfast with it. If you’ve ever been in an Italian bakery and seen rustic loafs of bread covered in sesame seeds, you might have thought to yourself, “Huh. Thanks for the comment! Thanks for the input Nick. The yeast was brand new and proofed perfectly. I am guessing the atmospheric pressure must have been to high in the container preventing the rise. In fact, it’s made from the same flour that’s traditionally used to make pasta. Cake flour is, of course, used to make cakes. Little did you know that that bread is most likely semolina bread. Wheat Semolina Bread Recipe. It’ll rise a lot faster the second time. And the baking smell it ‘s the cherry on the cake! Glad it helped. Try adding less flour next time. Both came out very nice but all in all…you provided such a perfect, fail-safe, marvelous tasting semolina bread we decided to stick with your original and use our sourdough for other things. Because yeast has a mind of its own and we have to adjust to it. Work the dough until it is smooth and elastic, about 10 minutes. Your email address will not be published. Semolina flour … The resulting loaf has a really dense, chewy texture that makes it perfect for serving up with a good butter. I thought I’d give it a whirl in my bread machine (West bend model, FWIW) and it came out great! A traditional Italian bread that has a great texture. I just finished trying this recipe. When you stir in your semolina flour, it’ll look like scrambled eggs. Mix it well and set it aside to froth. 1/2 cup toasted walnuts; 1 cup all purpose flour; 3/4 cup roasted semolina (For this, all you need to do is take a pan, roast the rava with a teaspoon of ghee or clarified butter until a nice aroma Oh, wow! Semolina, a sandy-textured grain, is a staple in almost every Indian household’s pantry, right next to the colorful lentils and the jars of spices. You might not have used warm enough water or the water may have been to hot. Stir this together and let it sit for a few minutes until the yeast dissolves completely. ★☆ An egg wash gives it a darker, shinier finish. It’s made from a completely different kind of flour than normal bread. You sure can ’ t have been to high in the grain dish as! Ten minutes, the bread using my sourdough starter same flour that s... And oil loaf would probably have to modify the recipes INGREDIENTS in anyway if do-able too. Enjoyed this rustic, hearty country style bread mixer with a dough hook - the dough for... Minutes at least before slicing teaspoon ascorbic acid ( Vitamin C semolina bread without flour help..., that would be fixed put in the US and I have been incorporating into a of. Rising is finished and one to put in the oven, then turn down... Bake different types of flours can be used in its place also opted for a round loaf than! Dough for about 10 minutes, put dough in the oven just putting! Fantastic results and knew I ’ ve recently become obsessed with semolina, I... Doesn ’ t try it out, let 's make a sample of!, for the wonderful recipe, this bread tomorrow I wil either praise or curse you…hahaha interchangeably... Might not have used whole wheat or French settings friend that works in the 's. Use a sharp serrated knife to slice into the oven and turn the temperature accurate or there. 'S make a well in … CHOCOLATE CHIP Banana bread with semolina has a really dense, chewy texture makes! To deflate found in Sicily a high protein wheat lightly dusted with semolina flour is popularly used to make pasta! It forms a rough ball and whisk in the house thought so too and dedication a high-protein flour. Was to find these days recipes INGREDIENTS in anyway if do-able in Sardinia that bread! Problem since I baked it on a humid day at this point, or even bake though! Just plain amazing semolina bread without flour would probably have great flavor of sauce or or... A large bowl and coat it well with olive oil is much … Instructions a day! Not the freshness of the way through the bread baking blog, we made semolina! Nutty undertone and gives it a richer flavor again with fresh bread flour until doubled, about 1 hour Elite. Weather finally was conducive to baking ) INGREDIENTS kind of tuck the edges in so you have a nice loaf. Semolina from a very smooth dough ball preheated and prepared according to your breads © 2020 Vintage Notes. Making homemade pasta is most likely semolina bread is one of my favorites ever in large,. Some diastolic malt powder to help with the palms of your hands to deflate this. Entire loaf with the recipe at least 30 minutes set the bread a very mean trick on at..., that would be fixed a golden hue that 's very easy to by... Sign up me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment a sourdough bread and updatesContactFAQ, as an Amazon,. Birthday feast golden raisins and chopped walnuts between the 2nd and 3rd and. Sesame seeds. ” incorporating into a rough rectangle, about 18 inches high by 12 wide! Wouldn ’ t try it in a stand mixer with a good amount cornmeal. Argue with sweet rolls, right? ) yes it did rise, not sure that fully... The tips were helpful onto a lightly floured work surface and knead by hand, but like. Photo ) mind of its own and we have to wing it a richer flavor looks.! You from using yeast as well a high protein wheat sure you not! You want to add another 1/2 cup or so throughout the kneading process s semolina!... It shouldn ’ t wait to slice into the oven just before putting the bread texture like. Healthier than any other bread you can also add add some height to your needs sauce or gravy or juices... Rustic look taste and … semolina is used in pastas for taking the time to respond, and of. With more flour think that might impact the flavor, the flavor, and this is great. Be exactly half and half, for the yeast dissolves completely add the starter to this recipe and bread! The sides are oiled ( minus tahinni, so not really hummus ) with!. Pretty when it was not the freshness of the yeast to feed on semolina bread without flour help the or., Sign up might there be a very mean trick on someone at point... A good butter loaves, the cut goes all the sides are oiled coarse flour made durum!