The relay which is mounted on the body of compressor is called overload relay and this relay senses the temperature of compressor body if the temperature is too high then this relay will shut down the system. EMX Motors - Offering HP LP Pressure Switch, हाई प्रेशर स्विच, उच्च दाब का स्विच at Rs 250/piece in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. KPU 16 Pressure Switch (SPDT with LP/HP signal). do not use a LP for HP control (sorry if this is a suck eggs) That unit is probably wired normally closed but check with your multi meter. ( LP side: A-C opens on pressure drop HP side: A-C opens on pressure rise Short circuit protection: Fuse 16 Amp Manual trip function Adjustment Convertible reset KP 15: LP/HP convertible, KP 17WB: HP convertible Insert a screwdriver into the slot on the lock disc and turn it to desired reset configuration. x. Low Refrigeration Pressure Switches - The low-pressure switch is typically an automatic reset switch that will reset itself when the pressure on the low-pressure side of the refrigeration systems returns to normal or above the setting on the switch. But ... page/ … At the time of start the crank case heaters are switched on before half an hour of starting the entire system as recommended. An air conditioner or a refrigeration system has the same four main components. Both Low Pressure and High Pressure Too Low. KP Dual Pressure Controls are available in versions for regulation of high pressure on both left and right side or regulation of low pressure on left and high pressure on right side (versions with LP signal or LP+HP signals). A replacement with an automatic reset LP/HP wired in series, would do the trick. SPST switch. Electrical ratings according to UL.Danfoss dual pressure switch type KP 44 is designed for use as a pump guard to control and protect supply water pumps. They boast the following specifications: 3.5 psi to 150 psi set point range (factory set or field adjustable) Gold contacts. 1/4” female SAE mounting; Automatic Reset; Tamper proof; 24V, 120V, 240VAC 50-60Hz, 6RLA, 36LRA; Low pressure switch – open on pressure drop, closes on pressure rise; High pressure switch – open on pressure rise, closes on pressure drop; UL Approved; Bag: 10 … Wiring. If there is any problem with the motor of fans or high amps of compressor these relays disconnect the entire system. Honeywell Pressure Switches, HP, HE, MH, ME, LP, LE, 5000, 1000 Series Character-istic HP Series HE Series ME Series MH Series LP Series LE Series 5000 Series 1000 Series Rated thermal current 5 A 3 A 3 A n/a 5 A 3 A n/a n/a Rated insula-tion voltage 28 V 28 V 28 V n/a 28 V 28 V n/a n/a Short-circuit protective device c-type max. Honeywell HP Series pressure switches are easily customizable, durable, reliable electromechanical pressure on/off switches. Request a quote. Timer switches are installed in the large capacity units which have two or more circuits in single unit. This switch is fixed on the discharge line of the compressor where pressure and temperature is high. The lefthand pressure bellows control the pump pressure. Difference between air conditioning and Refrigeration, Top 5 best smartphones under rupees 10000, Top 5 Tough and water proof mobile phones, what are the function of Valves & Fittings (HVAC). Relays are also used to protect compressor and fan motors ( Blower and condenser fan motors). HP switch stands for High pressure switch. Read about company. LP & HP Switches works on pressure only and dont sense the temperature. Fan coil motor is rotating in the reverse direction ; Fan motor belt loose or slip; rating Then set “R1” (High pressure safely cut-out) Example: Assume the low pressure (LP) cut-in pressure needed is 185kPa and the cut out pressure is 60kPa. Honeywell's LP Series pressure switches are easily customizable, durable, reliable electromechanical pressure on/off switches. Product Features. They boast the following specifications: Sign up to receive exclusive communications from Honeywell including product updates, technical information, new offerings, events and news, surveys, special offers, and related topics via telephone, email, and other forms of electronic communication. 604.9100000 28863 604.9100000 MECHANICAL PRESS. The cut in pressure and the minimum differential should be the same as those recommended for LP switches used as protection devices.

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